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Discover your path with our Learner Journey

Utilise the Learner Journey to help you choose the most beneficial course for you. The training courses are split by job role, simplifying the learning experience. The different pathways are designed to provide greater flexibility with learning. We recommend taking the course most suitable to your current job, whilst also considering courses that will help you prepare for your next role.

Our CPD certified courses are created by experienced instructors with a wealth of knowledge in the fitness industry. The courses are rich in content, ensuring you will return to your role with some new and great ideas. All courses are in video format, with our instructors presenting the content. All our courses have been designed to be both engaging and thought provoking.

Frontline Team Members, whether you are thinking about starting a role in Fitness, or an existing Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer or Duty Manager, this course will help you to gain new and fresh ideas needed to excel in this field. The Frontline Team Members course will provide the skills and knowledge customer/member facing individuals need to deliver world class product and service. Furthermore, those responsible for Club/Fitness Management can find this course useful as it provides a wealth of content on what it takes to be a successful in these roles. Total training time: 14hours 25min

Fitness Leaders, this course is created to provide the advanced skills and expertise needed to be successful in leadership. This course will offer the detailed knowledge needed by individuals, who are responsible for developing others. The content in this course will ensure fitness leaders have the tools and confidence to meet objectives, such as increasing revenue, retention and staff engagement. This course will ensure Fitness Leaders can effectively develop their teams, so that everyone has the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities and ultimately creating a culture of success and positivity. We also recommend this course to Fitness professionals looking to take the step into a Fitness Leadership role. Total training time: 26hours 7minutes

Management, the modules within this course are designed to provide the comprehensive and detailed content needed for Managers to be successful in their role. In addition to modules focusing on Leadership and Management, this course covers Operational and Health and Safety essentials. This is a well-rounded course, focusing on Operations and Club/ General Managers responsible for a wide range of departments. This course is also suitable for Fitness Leaders interested in moving into wider management roles such as Club and General Management. Total training time: 19 hours 22minutes

Each course outline is illustrated by an images below (click on the desired image to enlarge). The images below represent the different modules within each course, with the arrows representing the content flow corresponding with the course content page. A large number of modules contain sub-modules, depending on the volume of content. Once you have started a course, each module (lesson) must be viewed and marked as complete before the following is presented.

Once you have selected a course, the learner platform will allow you to track your learning and provide you with a CPD accredited certificate at completion. Select ‘View Course’ and try one of the taster lessons before signing up. You can send through any questions and feedback at anytime using the form provided in the contact us page.

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Frontline Team Members

Content delivered for roles such as: Fitness Instructing, Personal Training and other customer facing roles like Duty/Service Managers. Total training time: 14hours 25minutes

Fitness Leaders

Content delivered for roles such as: Team Leaders, Fitness/ Personal Training Managers, Deputy Managers and/or Club Managers. Total training time: 26hours 7minutes


Content delivered for roles such as: Club/General Management. Included courses covering operations and H&S management. Total training time:19hours 22minutes